How to choose a forex robot

Correctly selecting an automated trading system can make the difference whether it works for you or not. If you buy an EA or hire a programmer to develop one for you without doing enough homework, you may lose your money.

Here are some tips to assist you to make the right decision.

1. Get proper education

Many investors have fallen to those catchy, spiraling ads that promise huge on the spot wealth simply with the aid of the usage of EAs for trading foreign exchange. They make it appearance so clean to make massive income. It looks as if you’ll immediately be brushing shoulders with the likes of Warren Buffet.

What the ones commercials cover is that expertise is the most essential useful resource you need to end up a success in this business. With proper schooling on how the forex market operates, you may easily spot the red flags on every occasion someone is making unrealistic and farfetched claims.

Most of the rip-off robotic carriers goal beginners who nonetheless charge foreign exchange trading in the equal category as other get-rich-quick schemes. However, complete education will equip you with the know-how you want so you can avoid falling sufferer to those scammers.

For instance, if you see an advertisement promoting an EA as capable of delivering svery large returns within a short time, then do not waste your money buying it.

2. Carry out a background check

Before purchasing any automated trading system, you should do a thorough background assessment to clear any questions in your mind. FForex Peace Armyor example, if a vendor is purporting that his expert advisor is capable of generating good profits, check if the assertions have been verified by an unbiased third-party website

So, before choosing an EA, do not be afraid to search for those unbiased reviews. If the reviews reveal something fishy, ask questions about it until you have enough reasons to make a sound decision.

Here are some more questions you can ask when performing the background check.

  • Is the expert adviser developed by an established and credible programmer?
  • Is the EA vendor transparent and upholds ethical business practices?
  • Does the vendor provide reliable and secure payment options, which allow you to launch a complaint easily in case things go haywire?
  • Is a money-back guarantee offered? This will allow you to get a refund if the EA does not satisfy your needs.

3. Understand the Expert Advisor statistics

Before going for an EA, make certain it’s been tested through an impartial website which includes the Forex market Peace Army. This manner, it’ll will let you avoid falling victim of fraudulent purchases.

When an EA has been tested both with the aid of a 3rd-birthday party website or via the vendors themselves, there are generally some statistics that imply its performance. And, in case you do now not apprehend the records properly, you may now not pick a appropriate trading robotic.

For instance, here’s a screenshot of the outcomes of a take a look at performed by means of the Forex market Peace Army on a foreign exchange robot.














Apart from the straightforward details, let’s try to understand some of the not-so-common statistical terms.

  • The profit factor

This is the most vital statistic because it answers the most critical question: will the trading robot generate positive or negative returns?

It is obtained by getting the ratio of the summation of all the successful trades and the summation of all the unsuccessful trades; it is simply the ratio of gross profit to gross loss.

Therefore, because the profit factor indicates the connection between risk and profit, you should not select an expert advisor with a value of less than 1. It’s advisable to choose an EA with a big profit factor—as much as possible.

  • Expected payoff

Also known as expectancy, this statistic forecasts the average amount you can earn per trade. Although the value is based on historical data and provides no guarantee of similar results in the future, it’s useful in showing how the EA is likely to perform.

The expected payoff is computed by getting the difference between the average profit for each trade and the average loss for each trade.

  • Drawdown

Drawdown (absolute drawdown, maximal drawdown, or relative drawdown) are essential indicators of risk. These statistics will give you an idea of how the expert advisor performs when it’s in trouble. For example, the maximal drawdown shows the maximum loss since the last highest value.

A volatile EA will have a higher drawdown, which signifies that it poses a greater risk, and therefore may be unsuitable for trading. Consequently, you should carefully analyze these statistics before committing your money in purchasing a robot.


4. Carry out your own tests

As a lot as you can rely on third-birthday celebration tests to confirm the profitability of trading robots, it’s critical which you additionally perform your own assessments.

In some conditions, the companies may also control the buying and selling results of the foreign exchange robots. With the fake backtested results, you’ll be convinced to buy the robot, however become making losses.

Therefore, in case you purchase a robotic blindly with out going the greater mile of attempting it for your self, you’ll be the loser, in the end.

For instance, if the foreign exchange robotic has a trial version or the seller offers any other less superior version of the robot at a lower price, you could attempt it in a demo account or a micro account. This way, you could take a look at in actual time before you are making a very last decision whether or no longer to shop for the whole model at a better price.

Also, you could use the in-built strategy tester tool observed in the MT4 trading platform for testing the overall performance of the EA.

Here is a screenshot of the method tester tool.


Even though it’s not possible to forecast the future, particularly in the forex world, using historical data in the MT4 platform will allow you to gauge the profitability of the robot. If the backtested results are poor, then exposing the EA to live trading conditions could be disastrous.

Furthermore, carrying out your own tests will assist you to determine whether the trading robot suits your needs and preferences. With the ever-changing forex market conditions (trending, sideways trend, volatile), selecting a suitable robot is not enough.

You should understand how the forex expert advisor works so that you can quickly modify the settings to suit the changing market conditions. If you go for a complicated robot that is not intuitive, you may make an improper adjustment to its parameters and blow up your trading account.


Appropriately choosing a forex robot is critical to your success as a trader. If you do not invest your time and resources in making the best decision, you may fail to realize the benefits of trading forex using expert advisors.

If you apply the tips outlined in this article, you will undoubtedly make a good choice and attain the objectives of your trading career.


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